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BLCO is Bonny Light Crude Oil pumped from the offshore bonny terminal. It is a premium, light, low sulfur feed stock in high demand by refineries because, when refined, produces a higher percentage of middle distillates than just about any other feed stock. In some cases as much as 30% more diesel fuel (d2) and jet fuel (kerosine, JP54) than other comparable crudes such as SLCO. You can buy it through competitively priced private offerings at a small discount to Brent, its benchmark priced crude oil. Please read further articles about BLCO specifications included in this category and how to register to become a BLCO buyer .

BLCO Offer

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Nigerian Oil Services LLC (USA) has two sellers that are already delivering BLCO to refineries of the World. Our Intention is to provide a clear, safe pathway for any qualified buyer.
We protect the interests of our sellers by pre-qualifying any buyer before presenting them to a seller. We protect the interests of any Buyer by offering product only from Sellers that are already delivering product to other buyers and by providing performance bonds which ensure continued delivery.

Nigerian Oil Services BLCO CIF 2 Million barrels per shipment.

BLCO 2 Million Barrels per Shipment

BLCO 2 Million Barrels per Shipment

BLCO is Best Feed Stock in the world for refineries producing low sulfur fuels – only one third the sulfur content of Brent. BLCO Buyer Registration.”
Jeff Scott – CFO Author: Google
Nigerian Oil Services LLC (USA)