Oluwakemi Kasali

Oluwakemi Kasali
President – CEO

Mr Oluwakemi I Kasali,

Has spent the last five years arranging his affairs, acquiring contacts and researching how the business works.  He is a licensed exporter and citizen of Nigeria.  His intention is to protect every legitimate player in a transaction and his political contacts ensure that everything goes smoothly and gets completed.  He is the President of the company.

jeff scott

Jeff Scott


Mr Jeffrey R Scott,

Has been working in the African Gold mining business for the last three year where he learned of the cultural differences between the West Africans and the United States cultures.   Along the way he picked up the skills of international contracting and how to set up protocols that discern subtle differences in levels of integrity and how to protect the interests of both sides of a transaction.  Prior to that he was in the marketing business which skill he brings again to the table.   He is the Communications Director, CFO and Secretary of the partnership.
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You might want to read this article about buying Nigerian Crude oil to get more clarity on how we see the Nigerian marketplace.

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